Our Mission- serving healthy, delicious, nutritional food and striving to create a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience for our customers。

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Nick Zheng, founder of a new restaurant in Castleton Corners named Mountain Fusion has been loving all different types of food since childhood. He always enjoyed cooking for his families and friends and had a dream to open his own restaurant. Upon meeting his head sushi chef Ivan Wang and Head kitchen Chef Qing Cao . His dream became a reality. Ivan has about 10 years experience in Sushi. Over the years, Ivan has been seeing how the sushi in the United States changed, he does his own creations.Qing also has over 6 years experiences in cooking. He was a chef in China. After he moved to the States, he kept his career being a chef, this time, he wanted to try something new. He started as a chef in a Japanese restaurant, with all the skills and experiences he developed in China. He learned fast and became a master chef. Mountain fusion has a team of food enthusiasts and work closely to bring the healthy and delicious traditional、modern Japanese cuisine to Staten Island. We want to be your primary food choice in the island. Come visit us soon !

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